Looking for a reliable affiliate management solution? Do not know where to start? In this post we will introduce you to the best affiliate management software for all businesses.

You came here for an affiliate management solution for your website. Business owners have been hustling to expand our reach and expand their clients. Is there a real need for more growth?


Your company can increase its revenues. I think affiliate marketing is an excellent advantage for businesses. It will surprise you to realize how much global brands are leveraging affiliate networks.

It’s largely allocated to affiliate marketing.

What are Affiliate Management Software Benefits?

Use affiliate management software to find affiliates, e-commerce store owners, and service providers with an online presence. Affiliates are people or companies that can promote their products or services. The platform can also help them set up commissions and pay affiliates the right amount when people they refer buy a product or pay for a service.

Many industries, most notably fashion, sports, outdoor goods, beauty, and health, already use affiliate marketing to attract customers. Your business can benefit greatly from an affiliate management solution in 5 ways:

  • It can detect fraud.
10 Best Affiliate Management Solutions [2024 Update] - affiliate management solution

Solid affiliate solutions include fraud-detection capabilities that will alert you to any unusual behavior on your affiliate’s website. For example, shady affiliates may resort to utilizing bots to boost their click numbers. With anti-fraud detection capabilities, your software may detect and block any repeated sign-ups or orders from the same IP address.

  • It keeps you updated on important metrics.

Data from links to purchases can be displayed in real-time by affiliate management software. Some tools can help you determine which demographics are most interested in your company. This information will assist you in tailoring your offers to their needs.

  • It’s cost-effective. 

The low start-up costs involved in running affiliate management programs are one of the top reasons for their rise. Affiliates do the work of selling your brand on various platforms instead of buying ad space or having an advertising crew. Furthermore, you only pay them when they generate sales, which reduces the chance of financial loss.

You also don’t need to engage an accountant because the software includes capabilities that calculate commissions based on your pre-offer settings and report your sales revenue.

  • It makes paying affiliates easier.

Affiliate management software calculates commissions automatically and allows you to pay affiliates via connections with various payment methods. Once you’ve defined the various commissions and allocated an affiliate or group of affiliates to a specific commission category, your software can calculate the payout each affiliate should receive.

  • It’s scalable.

Affiliate software can grow with you as you bring on more partners. With its large database and automatic features, the platform can retain, generate, and track new data as you deal with transactions from new affiliates, which would be a time-consuming, if not impossible, operation if done manually on Excel sheets.

How do I choose the best affiliate management solution?

When composing the list of affiliate management software, we considered the following important aspects:

10 Best Affiliate Management Solutions [2024 Update] - affiliate management solution
  • Number of reviews on the web
  • Demo and trial versions are available
  • Flexible pricing structure
  • Features / API integrations
  • Extra value

Why invest in the best affiliate management solutions?

Since you have to pay either a fixed amount of money per sale or a percentage of total sales, it is important to verify the source of each transaction.

Many companies that broker affiliate businesses have their own cookie systems to ensure that clients are tracked from the moment they see an ad for your product on a vendor’s website to the time the customer enters your e-commerce site, and finally to the time the customer purchases your product. 

affiliate management solution

If you manage your affiliate marketing program internally, you will need to buy or build a transparent system that can handle all the affiliate tracking.

In either case, you should have a dedicated affiliate marketing monitoring system to link each of those inbound customers to an actual transaction on your e-commerce site. With meaningful monitoring data, you can defend against any discrepancies if your company’s sales numbers do not match those of your affiliate sellers.

Some basic data can come from Google Analytics e-commerce monitoring, but you should also ask your backend developer or database administrator if you can get this data directly from your sales management system.

Now, let’s look at the list!


Scaleo is a powerful affiliate software. It’s a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform specializing in affiliate marketing services designed for both web and mobile platforms.

Affiliate Management Solutions

It helps you build, manage and improve your current partner programs with a variety of features, including customizable dashboards, white labeling, and efficiently stored reports.

Native post-back features and automated affiliate marketing software tools are an added bonus and can help your business optimize every aspect of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Scaleo is a well-known partner management software that is utilized by networks and companies all around the world. And with good reason. Scaleo goes above and beyond most affiliate tracking software on the market by offering personalized dashboards and white labeling.

Our marketing platform offers affiliate solutions for in-house partner programs as well as networks. It is appropriate for a SaaS company and offers a versatile affiliate management solution for managing your partner relationships.

Scaleo focuses on tracking web and mobile activities and has all of the major integrations to get your data into one system. It offers an easy-to-use interface for tracking and managing your partner’s activities.

The cost is determined by the features you require and the volume of traffic you have. Customer assistance is available to improve you with the setup and development of your portal, and real-time customer input is used to improve the affiliate software.

If you’re focused on web and mobile traffic and want a reliable affiliate solution that has earned its name in the industry, Scaleo is the one to go for.


eLitius is a popular free and open-source affiliate system that you can integrate with Magento and other shopping cart solutions. 

10 Best Affiliate Management Solutions [2024 Update] - affiliate management solution

It has an administrative interface that allows you to control the offers and content you provide to your affiliates. You can add and manage an unlimited number of affiliates, monitor each affiliate’s sales, and manage their commissions. Your affiliates can access the ads they need to promote your brand and post the resulting sales to their account through the interface. Such affiliate access solutions make it a lot easier for your affiliate partners to use your program.

In addition to customizable user interface templates, reporting tools are also available for tracking metrics.

You can download eLitius for free. It requires 10 MB of disk space and PHP4.3.0 or higher. However, you need to pay $100/day for custom changes to the application.


PayKickStart is a shopping cart app that may also function as an affiliate management platform. It is used to manage affiliates by over 1200 firms.

10 Best Affiliate Management Solutions [2024 Update] - affiliate management solution

PayKickStart enables you to pay affiliate commissions on time or postpone them if necessary. You can also select your payout option, which allows you to pay affiliates per marketing campaign or lifetime. 

Several payment solutions are available, including PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, and cheque.

One disadvantage is that all affiliate commissions are paid in US dollars, even if the product you’re selling is in another currency. While this may not be an issue for you, it may be for your affiliates who may be based outside of the United States and want to receive commissions in their own currency. PayKickStart, on the other hand, arranges payments well and even gives a timestamp of when commissions were paid. PayKickStart has fraud detection capabilities to keep you safe from bogus commission claims.

PayKickStart may also store your affiliate’s marketing materials, making it simple and accessible for them to access the assets they need to advertise your items.

The Growth package from PayKickStart, which includes the affiliate management system, starts at $199 per month. There’s also a Scale plan for larger affiliate programs, which costs $299 a month, and a Custom plan for even huge ones.


IDevAffiliate is one of the more established names in affiliate marketing software. It has evolved into a dependable alternative that meets the majority of your basic affiliate management requirements throughout time.

10 Best Affiliate Management Solutions [2024 Update] - affiliate management solution

Pricing begins at $39 per month and includes an unlimited number of affiliates on the network. It also offers a wide range of eCommerce and billing solutions. It only takes a few minutes to install and integrate with your existing website.

It’s worth noting that all iDevAffiliate plans are free of charge regardless of the number of transactions or affiliates you have. This offers it a competitive advantage over competing for software. The more expensive plans include extras like geo-targeting and QR codes. All options come with a self-hosted option.

The platform can be customized and white-labeled. However, in order to adapt the platform to your needs, iDevAffiliate requires some technical knowledge. If that isn’t a solution for you, it’s a terrific low-cost option for hosting your program.


SamCart is a web-based shopping cart builder that provides affiliate management services, ideal for merchants and eCommerce shops running affiliate programs.

10 Best Affiliate Management Solutions [2024 Update] - affiliate management solution

You can approve or deny affiliate applications using a simple affiliate dashboard. If you like, you can set the system to approve everything automatically.

You may also pay your affiliates with a single click using SamCart. 

However, unlike PayKickStart, SamCart does not support configurable % commission payouts. SamCart, too, lacks a central location for marketing materials. As a result, you will have to personally deliver those to your affiliates, which will take time.

Although SamCart premium plans start at $49 a month, the affiliate center is only available in the Scale plan, which is the most expensive. This is $199 each month. The good news is that SamCart offers a 14-day free trial and a 45-day money-back guarantee.


ThriveCart is primarily a shopping cart solution intended for digital product providers (online courses, software, and audiobooks). Still, it also includes an affiliate network that allows you to design incentive options for your affiliates.

10 Best Affiliate Management Solutions [2024 Update] - affiliate management solution

Set up your offers and build affiliate acceptance criteria using the Rules tab. You may also set your incentive structure (commission-based or fixed payment), the amount you pay specific affiliates (which might vary depending on the number of sales they bring in), and your payout dates on the vendor dashboard.

The Overview tab displays the number of active affiliates, the number of sales made, and the commissions collected and paid during a specified time period.

Affiliates are given unique tracking IDs and are able to market your products across different channels.

This software supports PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

How To Run Successful Affiliate Campaigns? Affiliate Management Best Practices.

After picking your software and launching your campaign, you must keep it going and expanding. To keep your affiliates interested and motivated, we advocate the following four Best Practices:

  1. Divide your affiliates into groups based on their revenue. The highest-earning affiliates should be given greater attention and better rewards, such as freebies and so on. Concentrate your time and attention here, as this is where you will make the most money. It will also encourage lower-earning affiliates to work harder.
  2. Use a well-known affiliate management tool with a good reporting feature to make your affiliates feel at ease and ensure that their data is accurate and fair. The platforms featured below are all reliable and well-known, and they all provide excellent reporting.
  3. Send out regular emails to your affiliates. Keep them informed of new advances, supply new support resources, and keep them involved. Maintaining and inspiring your affiliates requires a dynamic interaction with them.
  4. Set up a tier system for your affiliates. Newcomers should start with the lowest commission rate and benefits possible but should be able to unlock greater rates and better perks if they perform successfully.

What’s the role of the Affiliate Manager?

As with most jobs, activities change; therefore, there is no such thing as a ‘normal day.’ Most affiliate managers, on the other hand, will have a variety of responsibilities, such as:

  • Oversee the day-to-day management of affiliate campaigns in order to maximize ROI
  • Creating affiliate marketing techniques that achieve predetermined sales quantities
  • Recruiting and training new affiliates to maximize the quality and quantity of their referral traffic. Launching new campaign concepts, including incentivization and program bonuses
  • Make certain that commissions and invoices are paid on time and accurately.
  • Analyzing programs and campaign activities in order to discover areas for improvement
  • Reporting on affiliate marketing to sponsors and top management

Build Good Relationships

There are numerous aspects of trust in affiliate marketing. As a buyer of these services, ensure that you pay on time. Work with your financial management partners (or whoever is in charge of finance) to determine how much you can spend. Set appropriate payment terms, such as net 30 versus all pre-paid, and ensure that the affiliates you work with can agree to that plan.

Spend time promoting the most successful program partners and removing non-profitable deadweight affiliates. It’s extremely easy for an affiliate to guarantee performance or lead number, but it’s considerably more difficult for them to deliver those clients in bulk, which is why, once again, you want to be the buyer with whom they want to deal long-term. It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon.

Finally, if you have properly managed your affiliate marketing, you will have discovered new routes to reach those millions of buyers that are ideal for your product.


Contrary to popular belief, affiliate marketing is an extremely popular and successful B2B marketing approach that can benefit both merchants and affiliates. We will continue to see significant revenue for businesses in 2022 and beyond. 

It’s time to set up your affiliate program, and the first thing you need is a good affiliate program management software solution. I have compiled five of the best solutions for you here. 

Choose the software that suits you best, and then start recruiting awesome affiliates. If you set up your affiliate program correctly, you will undoubtedly see an improvement in your profit margin.

Whether you are looking to grow your SaaS or e-commerce business, affiliate marketing is an effective channel for generating new revenue. We hope this list has given you some insight into choosing the right affiliate marketing software for your needs.

Last Updated on January 17, 2024


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