Free affiliate marketing tools are everywhere. Are you looking for the most popular free online tools for your affiliate marketing website? Let’s list the best 50 affiliate tools!

There are so many paid and free online tools for entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers that you sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees. Finding and trying everything out for yourself simply takes a lot of time. And who has extra time if you are running a business? That is why I have decided to put together a list of online tools that work great and are also free to use.

free tools for online marketing

Of course, free online tools are often a bit more limited than the paid version, but you can get started without paying anything and upgrade as you grow. 

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And, because I know that as an entrepreneur, you are always busy, I have also included a few handy tools that will save you a lot of time. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Top Free Affiliate Marketing Tools for Websites

Dropbox, with Dropbox, you can keep access to your files from anywhere. Once you save your file, it will automatically sync across all your devices. Good bonus: you can share your files with anyone. With a Dropbox Basic account, you get 2 GB of free storage space.

WordPress, create a free website, or easily create your own blog with WordPress. Featuring hundreds of free and customizable designs and themes, there’s something for everyone. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, and it allows you to start your affiliate marketing business with zero upfront investment.

Pixler X is my favorite among cloud-based photo editing programs. With Pixler, you can create cover photos, collages, and images with messages. You can import your own photos and render them with text. Very easy to work with.

Trello, is a very user-friendly online tool that makes it simple to organize projects. They are sorted by “boards” and “lists” a kind of whiteboard created, where notes, planning, and post-its with to-dos are placed. With Trello, you can see who is working on what and the progress of the project.

Buffer   this tool shares your content to social media at the best time during the day, so that your fans and followers see your updates more often. You can choose whether your content is shared across all your social media accounts or just on a few selected ones.

Spotify  nobody said you should work in silence, so while you are planning your Facebook posts, you can listen to one of the thousands of free music lists with Spotify or simply put together your own list. The Spotify app works on all your devices, so listen at home, on your computer, or on the go on your tablet or phone.

Pixabay allows you to use high-quality free images without running into troubles with copyrights. You can download, modify, and use them for whatever purpose you want, even in commercial apps.

Scaleo is a cutting-edge affiliate marketing tool that allows you to signup and launch your own affiliate network in minutes!  Although Scaleo isn’t free, it offers a free trial. Scaleo is packed with AI features, which allow you to track, analyze, and optimize your campaign in real-time.

50 Best Free Affiliate Marketing Tools For Business - free affiliate marketing tools

Scaleo combines a modern and fresh interface with lightning-fast performance and a set of features that no other affiliate marketing software has.

Google Calendar is ideal, so you can focus on your work rather than planning it. Of course, it also ties in perfectly with other Google services, such as Drive and Hangouts. Very useful if you work with a team, plan and schedule calls, and have a busy appointments list.

Whatsapp web this is the web version of the famous Whatsapp messenger. Scan the QR code on the website with your phone to synchronize. As long as there is an internet connection, you will receive all your messages directly to your desktop. Mostly when you also use Whatsapp for business, this is an ideal application to synchronize the process.

50 Best Free Affiliate Marketing Tools For Business - free affiliate marketing tools

Tweetdeck, is a very handy online platform offered directly by Twitter, where you have an overview of all your social media accounts at a glance and separate columns for messages, notifications, trending topics, and newest tweets. Also, what is even more convenient is that you can post messages there and specify exactly in which profile this message should be published. Now you no longer have to log in separately to all your accounts, and you can post all your content with one tool. And yes, it’s free.

50 Best Free Affiliate Marketing Tools For Business - free affiliate marketing tools

Time-saving free tools

Evernote allows you to bring order to the chaos, and use the smart Evernote application as an online notepad. The program provides you with the tools you need to stay organized on all your devices. If you an affiliate, you can paste your affiliate links there so you can access them anytime and use them whenever you reply to someone on social media or write a new post.

Pocket allows you to save just about anything you come across on the internet. You can put photos, videos, and articles directly from your browser into the Pocket so that you can view everything later. No more searching for that one interesting article you saw in your Twitter feed two hours ago.

Hootsuite. With Hootsuite, you schedule ahead messages on Facebook and Twitter, monitor what customers say about you, and measure your social campaigns’ impact. A free account has a limited number of messages you can schedule ahead, while the paid plans offer significantly more features.

1Password is a very secure app to remember all your passwords. The free version is limited to 20 accounts, but if you create a note, and double-protect it with your master password, you can put all your passwords there. If you are an affiliate and have plenty of websites where you have an account, it might be worth the hassle to secure your business.

Basecamp allows you to organize all your projects online using tasks, deadlines, discussions, and the ability to share files. Similar to other project management SaaS programs, this is just yet another alternative for your consideration.

Highrise – this tool is exceptionally suitable for relationship management and tracking your acquisitions. Handy if you work with a team and would like to see your affiliate marketing deal’s status.

King Index – If you write a post on your affiliate marketing blog and don’t want to wait for the natural process of Google indexing your newly published article – you can shorten the waiting time by submitting your URL to the King Index. This tool will ping your new post from 500+ different IPs, allowing it to be indexed much faster.

Toggl  do you also think that there are too few hours in a day? And do you wonder what you spend all this time on, to be super-productive? With Toggl you can keep track of exactly how long you are working on a certain task, and use the results to optimize your own planning. Once you analyze your own working behavior, you can see what you spend time on most effectively. That’s useful!

50 Best Free Affiliate Marketing Tools For Business - free affiliate marketing tools

Workflowy is for everyone who is done with post-its because they only get lost and like to have all to-do lists online in one place.

Google Alerts – with Google Alerts, can view what your competition is publishing on the internet. You will be informed of the latest updates in your field, and you can see what is being said and written about your company.

Online meetings

Google Hangouts is perfect for an online meeting with multiple participants. Since this is a Google product, you can, of course, also easily link it with your Google Calendar. In 2020, with Covid-19 social distancing, many B2B meetings were transmitted online, and we expect the trend to continue in 2021 (sadly).

Skype – with this app, you can make free (video) calls and chat anywhere in the world. The Skype app is also very useful on your tablet or mobile phone.

Emails and Email Marketing

Mailchimp: use Mailchimp to set up email campaigns easily. If you run an affiliate marketing business, you know the importance of building a good sales funnel, and you can only do it with robust email marketing software. With a free account, you can manage 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month. Autoresponders and lead generation tools are only available on paid tiers. MailChimp is assuming that if you are making money with your affiliate marketing business, you can allow yourself to invest a little. And they are right.

YMLP is another mailing tool that allows you to send a simple newsletter quickly. With 30 templates and up to 1,000 subscribers, you can get started absolutely free.

10 Minute Mail is a different tool from the two mentioned above. Almost all the online tools in this article require you to enter an email address so that you can receive an activation link. If you like to keep your inbox clean and spare the offers, these services will be sending you. You can use a temporary e-mail address from 10 Minute Mail. Of course, the downside is that you will not be able to retrieve your password later, because it will be sent to a non-existing email address.

Create, send and manage files online

Wetransfer – since some files are too large to send in an email, a smart solution has been created: Wetransfer. With these online apps, you can send files from A to B for free, up to 28 GB.

Google Drive is another handy online storage place for all your files. The great thing about Google Drive is that it is easy to connect to your Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Excel Sheets, and you get 15 GB of free storage space.

PDFonline – As the name suggests, PDF Online is designed for all your PDF files that you would like to convert to Word for editing. is good if you receive a file in .eps format, but you cannot do anything with it yourself, not even view it. This is often the case with advertising agencies. With this tool, you can easily convert images of foreign formats to .jpg, .png, or .gif.

Accounting and invoicing

WaveAccounting is a user-friendly tool for entrepreneurs who do not like to be accountants nor pay extra for it. All you need to do is link your bank account to the online accounting package, and your transactions are automatically collected. So you only have to keep the receipts and place them in the correct mail.

Images and photo editing

Canva is ideal for creating images of any size. Canva is bursting with possibilities and easily helps you create posters, cover photos, cards, and images for your website. Extra bonus: with this tool, you can also create PDF files!,f_auto/p/7155f046-ebae-4198-91e2-3aa5c098248a/116733639/canva-canva-2.webp

Sumopaint is one of the few free photo editing tools that actually comes close to the pricey Photoshop.

Boxshot  with this free online tool, you can quickly and easily make 3D covers for your affiliate marketing eBook. The tool is somewhat limited in functionality, but it is free. For example, you can make a nice flat cover in one of the other online tools, such as Canva, and upload it to Boxshot.

My eCover Maker, another online tool to make eBook covers, is My eCover Maker. The basic functions are completely free, just like with Boxshot. If you are an online marketer and sell or offer affiliate marketing-related ebooks free – you need to have a unique cover for each ebook you publish, and this tool is really doing the job.

Da Button Factory allows you to make “buy now” or “download now” buttons for your website in no time. Very easy to use, highly customizable button maker. Let’s face it – you cannot run an affiliate marketing website without a “call to action” button.

Free Affiliate Marketing Website Tools

Google Keyword Planner is the keyword planner that can be used, among other things, to get new ideas for keywords in order to write a blog article or create a website page. If you target specific keywords for your website, you can use this tool to get ideas for new keywords related to your niche.

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WordPress SEO by Yoast is a must-have for every website that is run on WordPress. With this plugin, you can indicate the Title tag and the META description yourself. Besides, the handy page analysis allows you to see how well your page scores, and you can see whether the page meets Google’s ‘requirements’ for being keyword-optimized.

Content Idea Generator: you know it: Have you written a good blog post, but then you spend way too long thinking about a good title? The Portent Content Idea Generator is happy to give you a helping hand. Enter your blog’s topic and get inspired by the (sometimes crazy) suggestions of this free online tool. Warning: this tool is very addictive!

Free affiliate marketing tools for your phone

Podcast Addict is a handy app for your phone that lets you listen to podcasts and audiobook samples. It takes some time to get used to searching for podcasts and subscribing, but once you are familiar with that app, the rest is self-evident. This app is currently only available for Android.

Keep is an app from Google that allows you to keep all your thoughts and ideas organized along the way. The best feature of this app is the voice memo. With this feature, you can record something on the go, and the app will automatically transcribe it. Download for Android | Download for iPhone

Whatsapp is the most used app in the world for sending messages, and most of you already know it. Sometimes, it is forgotten that nowadays you can also make calls with Whatsapp, which is very useful if you are on a business trip abroad, for example. You only need a WiFi connection, and then you can make free calls. Download for Android | Download for iPhone

50 Best Free Affiliate Marketing Tools For Business - free affiliate marketing tools

Aviary is a comprehensive app for editing photos on your phone. You can choose from many filters, and thanks to the new update, there are countless options for the exposure and brightness of your photo. Is there a strange spot somewhere in the photo? No problem! You can easily erase this with the stain remover. (2022 update: the tool is no longer available)

A few more useful online tools for affiliate marketers that I would like to share: with, you can create your own digital newspaper based on online tweets and Facebook posts that you find interesting. You can format and title the newspaper yourself, and, of course, you can share it on social media so that people can subscribe to your newspaper.

One-Time Secret – it is never wise to send passwords or personal information over the internet, but use One-Time Secret if you have to. With this online tool, you can send messages that self-destruct after they have been read.

SurveyMonkey is ideal for creating and administering a survey, and it’s even completely free. If you are looking to do market research and want to gather more information, SurveyMonkey can be very helpful.

Bitly. I can’t think of one affiliate marketer who doesn’t use to shorten their affiliate marketing URLs. To turn long URLs with referral or affiliate IDs into concise ones – Bitly is simply an idea. Besides, with Bitly, you can also keep an eye on the number of clicks and see when someone clicked on your link because adding a “+” to your URL allows you to see the link’s stats. Perfect for the tweet as you don’t have to waste characters on a long URL anymore.

Also, if you are looking for free content for affiliate marketing, you may want to look into AI content generators such as AI writer,, or Picsart AI Writer.

Of course, there are many more free tools for affiliate marketing, but we have mentioned the most popular ones.


Free affiliate marketing tools can be of great help. Suppose you are an affiliate marketer or run a website where you promote affiliate marketing products. In that case, you must make use of tons of tools to assist you in the process, from an email marketing tool to build a sales funnel to shortening your URLs so that you can hide the affiliate link from suspicious eyes.

Once you start your business and decide to opt-in for paid tools and SaaS that are available (and I am not saying they aren’t good!), these tools’ prices can add up, and you will find yourself investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars before you even get started. So, why not start with free tools instead. You can also go premium once your business takes off.

I hope that if you have landed on this post looking for something like “affiliate marketing tools free” – today’s list of tools was helpful, and you have found something beneficial for the business that you haven’t heard of before. If you want to make the most of your affiliate business, be sure to also get affiliate marketing software for your business.

Which tool, website, or app do you use that is still missing here? Will you let me know in the comments below, please?

What are the best free affiliate marketing tools?

1. Mailchimp is one of the most popular tools for affiliate marketing designed for email marketing
2. Canva is one of the best affiliate marketing resources for creating ads and visual banners
3. Google Keyword Planner – one of the best affiliate marketing tools for choosing ideal keywords to target

Where to get free content for affiliate marketing?

If you are looking to start an affiliate business you need a lot of content you are going to market. You can use an automated content generation software or any AI-powered article writer, which will help you get a lot of free content to get started.

Are there good free tools for affiliate marketing?

Yes, there are plenty of free tools for affiliate marketing, although premium paid tools often offer more flexibility, better functionality and much more features.

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