Free Affiliate Tracking Software – Is It Worth It?


Free affiliate tracking software is hard to find, because most high-quality affiliate software, such as Scaleo, are paid. Simply because a lot of effort was invested in their creation and in order to guarantee continuous updates and robust security, software needs to be paid for. 

In order to provide excellent customer service to its’ business partners, any software, be it a simple affiliate management tool or a complex affiliate marketing tracking software – needs to cover the costs.

Nonetheless, today we have gathered a list of free alternatives to premium affiliate software, which will allow you to start an affiliate marketing business with zero investment, using a free affiliate software as a base.

New affiliate marking programs pop up every day, and nearly every brand has a referral program tied to its website, to encourage (free) promotion. Having your own affiliate marketing platform you can maintain gives you more freedom when it comes to customizations and maintenance.

A Quick Overview of Affiliate Marketing and Tracking

In simple terms, it is a method by which an affiliate marketer receives a fee or incentive by promoting the products or services of others across various channels.

It is performance-based marketing, in which a business owner rewards an affiliate for bringing in new customers in a wider sense.

Interestingly, affiliates must monitor different marketing strategies to determine which approach yields the best results. An affiliate tracking process serves the same purpose in that it monitors the number of conversions and clicks that lead to sales on the website. You can also monitor the success and productivity of your affiliates.

Why get into affiliate marketing in 2021?

The Affiliate marketing industry has grown by 8.4 percent year on year to about £510 million. According to Statista, affiliate marketing spending in the United States will hit $8.2 billion by 2022. According to the PMA report, bloggers have invested up to 39% of their affiliate budget on affiliate advertising to support their content. However, the retail sector invested almost half of its overall affiliate marketing budget.

This demonstrates that affiliate marketing has already become a hotbed trend in a wide range of sectors, including technology, marketing, gaming, healthcare, wealth creation, insurance, beauty, fashion, and so on.

With the newly innovative developments, Affiliate marketing will be further disrupted. For example, the evolution of the 5G network would allow affiliate marketers to communicate with consumers because download speeds will increase by 150%. Furthermore, the global revenue of the leading e-commerce sites, such as Amazon and eBay, is expected to grow by up to 100 percent by 2022. This means that affiliate advertisers would have more chances to gain more money and commissions.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The affiliate marketing axis is focused on four main actors.

  1. The first is the retailer or business entrepreneur who wants to increase his or her client base and therefore prefers affiliate marketing.
  2. The second essential component is an affiliate network, which serves as a go-between for the merchant and the affiliate. It allows affiliates to engage in affiliate programs and gain passive profits.
  3. Affiliates or publishers are third-party participants in affiliate marketing.
  4. The fourth and most important player is the client, for whom the entire marketing campaign is initiated.

An affiliate marketer is compensated or rewarded based on his or her success. The merchant or advertiser can pay him or her using any of the following methods:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)– An affiliate is paid depending on the number of clicks on the website. The merchant is unconcerned about whether the clicks result in sales or leads.
  • Pay Per Lead (PPL)– This is a fixed commission charge for each lead or customer bought from the website. Installing an application, completing an online form, or submitting a survey are several other motivating behaviors.
  • PPS, or Pay Per Sale, is a formula in which the merchant or advertiser pays a percentage of the leads produced. The number is mutually agreed upon by both the affiliate and the organization. As an example, consider Amazon Associates, which pays a 15 percent commission on products sold.

The Steps in the Affiliate Marketing Process

The following critical aspect of the topic is how to implement an effective affiliate marketing plan. You must follow the same game rules whether you are an experienced affiliate or a novice. Affiliate marketing entails a number of phases, which are as follows:

Affiliate Marketing Varieties

People often mix up two terms: affiliate marketing and affiliate partners, which illustrate the various affiliate marketing styles. To be more specific, these are two new words. Affiliate partners are individuals with whom you must collaborate.

Affiliates include online discount portals, review websites, content and loyalty programs, review and online polls, product comparison, reward programs, email marketing, and so on.

However, affiliate marketing can be divided into three groups, namely:

  • Related Affiliate Marketing: Related Affiliate Marketing necessitates establishing an online presence through a blogging website or channel. It means you can generate traffic by creating various types of content, such as blogs, podcasts, and videos. You must direct traffic to third-party websites via affiliates. You can earn money by directing people to affiliate links or banner advertising.
  • Unattached Affiliate Marketing: This is the most common form of affiliate marketing that can be easily carried out by pay per clicks. You also don’t need any web development skills or to produce any content other than the ad copy. PPC marketers can learn how to become expert affiliates and inspire people to visit your business’s website.
  • Affiliate Marketing Involved: The third form of affiliate marketing involves advertising products and services. Affiliates endorse only those deals that they believe have the potential to turn into leads. Writing product reviews and explanations will help you promote your content.

Tips for Tracking Affiliate Marketing Success

Once your affiliate program has gained traction and is generating leads and revenues, it is time to devote your attention to tracking the progress of your marketing campaigns. Setting up KPIs is one of the most important moves you must take. You must also consider quantitative metrics and compare the performance to the objectives you set. So, which metrics are critical to achieving your objectives? Let’s take a look.

  • CTR, or Click Through Rate: is the number of times a user clicks on your advertising.
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead): Here, you must track and control your affiliate marketing lead generation platforms.
  • Conversion Rate: The frequency at which a lead or click is transformed into a future sale.
  • Return on investment (ROI): is a metric that lets you determine how much you spent on an affiliate marketing campaign and how much you received from that campaign.
  • Incremental Sales or Revenue: Determine how many sales are mostly generated by a marketing channel that any other marketing campaign would not have driven. When affiliates complete a transaction, incremental revenue is provided.
  • Average Order Value: This metric aids in calculating the average revenue produced by a single order.
  • Reversed Sale Rate: As the name suggests, this refers to calculating the products returned by consumers who bought from your website rather than receiving a refund.
  • Fraudulent Orders: Affiliate marketing is plagued by a high number of fraudulent orders, which result in massive losses. You must also consider those instructions.

Traditional Affiliate Marketing Strategies Have Drawbacks

Affiliate marketing is essentially the promotion of other people’s products in order to generate passive profits. However, the number of e-commerce websites has increased exponentially, making competition fiercer, and conventional affiliate marketing tactics do not generate high traffic and make your campaigns profitable.

With the level of competition increasing, traditional marketing tactics can not keep you afloat. It would be preferable if you had marketing adrenaline, such as affiliate apps, to automate all of your promotions and advertisement programs. With a sophisticated tool, you can keep track of all your affiliates, commissions, banners, coupons, and much more.

Creating Free Affiliate Software

Free Affiliate Software is a cutting-edge technology that automates the management, tracking, evaluating, and reporting of commission-based affiliate marketing, resulting in more clicks, registrations, and sales. Increased revenue, improved conversion rates, and increased traffic are critical metrics that assist the affiliate manager in monitoring all affiliate links, networks, and websites.

The advanced tool also plays an important role in creating profitable affiliate networks and tracking real-time marketing campaigns through a single dashboard. As a result, the affiliate network owner will decide which affiliate marketing strategies are producing the most traffic and revenue.

The Affiliate Software is driven by Artificial Intelligence to further automate and simplify marketing campaigns in order to assist affiliate managers in forecasting patterns and gaining deep real-time insights into the networks.

Affiliate Software’s Versatile Features

Affiliate marking tools are versatile, despite all performing the same function. The position and purpose of affiliate software have evolved from providing marketing capabilities to being a proactive tracking tool and affiliate management tool in one. Given the business complexities and diverse business requirements, free and open-source affiliate marketing software offers the following powerful features:

The Most Important Reasons for Using Affiliate Software

What do you believe are the most likely factors for top digital marketing companies and other sectors to introduce affiliate software? This segment of the blog focuses on the tool’s most noticeable and measurable advantages.

Rank Higher on Search Engines: Obviously, you use different search engine optimization techniques to increase your site’s ranking on search engines. However, you will be relieved to learn that affiliate marketing tools will work in tandem with organic SEO strategies to expedite the process. Yes, you will see increased SERP visibility in a short period.

Tip: try also an optimization calculator for affiliate marketing.

Product Promotion Advancement: Affiliate tools have simply abandoned all conventional products of product and service promotion. You must type all of the affiliate program information into your software. The tool begins to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, tracking affiliate success and handling commissions, among other things.

Real-time and Detailed Reporting: One of the places where conventional affiliate marketing strategies fell short was in providing immediate and detailed information. Many of these problems have been mitigated by Affiliate tracking tools. You can keep track of all important information such as the total number of registered users, their venue, sales, and so on. The app employs a sophisticated algorithm that allows you to pay the affiliate only after completing the job.

Brings Flexibility and Scalability to Program Model: If you believe that a particular marketing program model or campaign isn’t working, the flexibility and scalability of software allow you to modify the model without wasting much time easily.

Automate the Sales Process: Affiliate software programs aid in the automation of the sales process. It means that it puts the business on autopilot. The software handles all management, allowing you to concentrate on other critical aspects of the business.

Pay-per-performance: Another field where free affiliate software tools excel is the ability to pay a fee based on affiliate sales. Affiliates are in charge of marketing the products, so you don’t have to incur any extra promotional expenses. In addition, affiliate networks perform both billing and invoicing.

Mitigating Illegal Marketing Activities: As previously mentioned, conventional affiliate marketing strategies had a few bottlenecks that allowed marketers to resort to illegal marketing activities such as duping merchants. However, affiliate marketing software performs thorough validation when adding new affiliates, analyzing data, tracking IP addresses, and so on.

The Advantages of Free and Open Source Affiliate Software

The availability of free and open source affiliate marketing and tracking tools has proven to be a blessing for any small business or startup that lacks the resources to launch an affiliate program. New and aspiring entrepreneurs will take full advantage of the core features to easily manage marketing strategies and commissions and monitor affiliate results.

Furthermore, several software vendors offer a free trial for a limited time to allow users to test the program before purchasing the paid version to meet their business needs. Despite the fact that the free variant has limited choices, it is still a common choice because there is no maintenance or other extra expense.

Free Affiliate Tracking Software:


Scaleo is NOT a free affiliate software. However, we offer 14 days free trial to test and try our affiliate marketing software for yourself and see all its benefits. The free trial requires no credit card, and there are no strings attached.

And now, for the open-source or free affiliate tracking software list:

eLitius (Free and Open Source)

ELitius is a popular best free, and open source affiliate software that allows you to create and manage affiliate programs focusing on recruiting and tracking affiliates, sales, and revenue. The app enables you to use various affiliate marketing strategies to increase traffic and conversion rates.

woman coding on computer

You can pay affiliates commissions and incentives based on their results, such as if their promotional campaigns result in a sale.

The app is available for free download, with the added bonus of a paid script. After meeting the device specifications, you can easily install the tool. However, if you need to make any custom changes to your submission, you will be charged a fee of $100 per day.


  • The most notable features of free and open source affiliate applications are their high versatility, scalability, and customizability.
  • You can quickly sign up as an affiliate, and he can then position your advertising on his website.
  • When a prospective customer makes a transaction, the affiliate scheme pays the affiliate a fee.
  • The app provides best-in-class personalized models, functionality, and integration with custom designs.
  • eLitius also provides excellent hosting facilities by partnering with a top-tier host servicing provider.
  • The affiliate software tool includes free lifetime updates and assistance and the ability to add an unlimited number of affiliates.
  • This framework has a dependable and robust tracking system and many more advanced features and benefits.

LinkTrack (Free But Not Open Source)

LinkTrack is a link tracking service. This is an easy to use affiliate marketing tool to assist you in your online business, especially with marketing efforts.

man in black shirt sits behind desk with computers

As an affiliate marketer, you can use LinkTrack to track your links for free for the rest of your life. You can monitor an infinite number of clicks for free using the app. It is extremely simple to use. This means that even a novice can use this app to track his clicks.

LinkTrack has graphical monitoring, which helps you to see your link conversion at a glance, which you won’t find in other free applications. It also offers accurate tracking data. Nonetheless, you may need to upgrade to the premium edition in order to see all of the tracking data.


  • There are no limits on the number of clicks or links that can be made.
  • All premium accounts have unlimited clicks and links!
  • Simple to use
  • Ad tracking, click tracking, and impression tracking is all options.
  • Graphs in full color are available for free.
  • That you can see where your best performances are coming from.
  • Domain names with a strong brand
  • For tracking links, use your own domain name.
  • Complete command
  • All of your information in one location.
  • Tracking data in great detail
  • Real-time updates are available on our website, for free, or through our API.

Peerclick (Free But Not Open Source)

Peerclick is a free affiliate tracking software that focuses on real-time results and allows easy affiliate management.

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Affiliate marketing strategies and commercials are monitored, analyzed, and optimized. You can monitor all of your marketing and advertising campaigns as well as scale up your affiliate programs.

Furthermore, the app assists you in systematically analyzing the data in order to obtain actionable insights. You may identify which marketing campaigns are delivering the best results and which are not. You can improve ad efficiency by running A/B tests and increasing ROI. The tool is critical for scaling affiliate activities and optimizing benefits.

You can track and convert more than 30 data points from a single location. The Block Bots are anti-fraud tools that aid in the detection of any suspicious activity on the website.

Marketing companies may use affiliate tracking tools to assess the performance of advertising platforms.

You can join the Peerclick partner network to communicate with more users and increase the frequency of your marketing campaigns. Peerclicks is also compatible with Artificial Intelligence software, allowing you to automate the workflow process. You can produce real-time reports to help you manage traffic more efficiently.

Apart from providing free solutions, this is free software that also offers a free preview edition. The basic edition costs $99 a month.


  • Multiple third-party deals can be tracked with or without redirects.
  • Gather reliable data from every marketing campaign and compile it all in one platform.
  • You can monitor your expenses, various conversions, safe links and quickly get on board.
  • The app collects data from all organic searches and analyzes it to provide actionable insights.
  • With the aid of advanced targeting and laws, display relevant advertising to your targeted audience.
  • You can also use autopilot software to separate traffic among the most effective marketing campaigns.
  • Customize your updates to receive real-time performance warnings and take immediate action.
  • The new deals and discounts can be accessed directly from the dashboard side.
  • Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and protect yourself from bot traffic.

AffTrack (Free But Not Open Source)

AffTrack is a free affiliate tracking software that can be used as an enterprise SaaS solution for tracking and reporting links. This program debuted in 2009 and has since expanded to be used by a large number of affiliates. AffTrack includes real-time analytics, user targeting, and even brandable interfaces.

AffTrack is available for free for one month. However, if you want to use the full functionality, you must upgrade to a premium plan. AffTrack is also prohibitively costly for a new affiliate.


  • Analytics in Real-Time – Real-time monitoring and data access with 99.999 percent uptime reliability
  • Fraud Detection and Proxy Detection – With real-time traffic analysis and warning alerts, you can protect the business from fraud.
  • There are no contracts or fees – There are no hidden costs or overages, as is common with commitment plans. There will be no more surprises.
  • There are no Affiliate or Offer restrictions – There are no restrictions on Affiliates or Offers. Don’t impose arbitrary constraints on your business.
  • Offer Tailoring – Exact Offer Targeting with all you need – Country, Device, Language, and more Cap Management.
  • Using our Overflow tool Postback and Redirect Logs, you can protect your affiliates and your credibility from cap overages.
  • Complete Postback and Redirect logs are available for easy troubleshooting and comparison.
  • API Access to the Fullest – Access to a comprehensive API for managing your account in every way. Complete control over custom interfaces and integrations
  • Control of Access – Organize the team by giving each member individual access to each function and environment.
  • Flow Rerouting – Set up Global Redirects and rules to ensure that your traffic is still monetized, no matter what.
  • Friendly and competent staff is available to assist you with any assistance you need.
  • Daily Email Newsletter – With automated updates and texts, you can keep your Affiliates up to date on new and returning Offers.

WeCanFollow (Free But Not Open Source)

Wecantrack is free affiliate software that aids in the scaling and optimization of marketing campaigns and affiliate publishers. All of your traffic data and affiliate conversions can be viewed in a single affiliate dashboard. Furthermore, the program enables you to align sophisticated marketing tools in order to boost digital marketing efficiency.

what is affiliate software

Full data insights on affiliate conversions are available in Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Data Studio, Microsoft Ads, and other platforms. You’ll also get detailed data attribution to see how the traffic sources are doing. The app allows you to keep up to date and compare the marketing campaigns that are doing well and which are underperforming.

Using analytics software, you can gain complete insight into your sales data and identify the affiliates that generate the most conversions. Google Ads, on the other hand, allows you to scale and automate advertising campaigns.

The app offers free affiliate tracking software solutions such as 200 clicks, 5 data sources, 8000 sessions, and 50 transactions.


  • Track all of your affiliate data in one place.
  • To have all of your transactions converted, choose your chosen currency and time zone.
  • For the WordPress plugin, you get advanced features such as automatic affiliate link cloaking.
  • Sort your content according to performance results.
  • Data encryption, a stable database and server, ease of installation, GDPR compliance, and other features are also included.
  • The Data Studio aids in the automation of various tasks such as developing personalized dashboards, filtering data, designing graphs and reports, and easily sharing information.
  • WeCanTrack offers Facebook affiliate conversion, which aids in the tracking of sales and traffic results.
How to Write & Send Affiliate Newsletters That Get Opened

Other free affiliate software scripts to consider:

Free Affiliate Tracking Software – Conclusion

Affiliate software has evolved into a powerful tool and a must-have asset for developing an effective digital marketing strategy. The free and open source affiliate management tool aids in establishing an affiliate marketing scheme, the investigation of methods to increase revenue, and the maximization of conversions. An affiliate tracking system can also automate advertisement and marketing campaigns, generate eligible leads, boost organic search results, and do a variety of other things.

The blog highlighted the top seven affiliate marketing and tracking software resources that are free and open source.

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