Successful casino affiliate management is the cornerstone of a business strategy in online gambling industry. It is a dynamic and lucrative sector that can catapult your iGaming business to unimagined heights.

However, it can be quite a challenge to navigate the affiliate landscape with its evolving trends, complex algorithms and competitive nature.

Do you want to join the online casino affiliate marketing game?

Great decision!

As the multi-billion dollar iGaming industry continues its rise, the potential for affiliate marketers to cash in has never been greater. 

But, where do you start?

With so many options to choose from, building and managing a casino affiliate program can seem daunting. 

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Top 10 Casino Affiliate Management Vendors & Strategies in 2024 - Casino Affiliate Management - Top 10 Vendors & Strategies To Get Started

In this guide, we’ll explore the top affiliate management vendors, how to pick one that suits your needs, and key strategies to get your program off the ground. 

After reading this post, you’ll have everything you need to become a casino affiliate pro and start raking in the commissions. The house always wins, right? 

Well, now it’s your turn. Let’s get started!

What Is Casino Affiliate Management?

In short, it’s how casinos recruit, manage, and pay independent affiliates who promote their brand and drive new players to their site.

Affiliates have a website, social media following, email list, or other platform to promote casino offers and links to. Their earn a commission when someone clicks their link and signs up at the casino. 

Usually, this is a percentage of the player’s first deposit or a cut of their lifetime losses.

The key to success as an affiliate is finding the right casino partners. Look for brands with the following criteria:

  • High player value: affiliates want casinos that players stick with and spend money at. Higher lifetime player value means higher payouts.
  • Competitive commission rates: Most casinos offer revenue share (25-45% of player losses) or CPA deals ($100-$500 per depositing player). Compare rates and find the most affiliate-friendly brands.
  • Proven affiliate program: Look for casinos with a track record of paying affiliates on time and offering support. Read reviews from other affiliates to find the most reputable programs.
  • Exclusive promotions: Many casinos offer special bonus codes or free spins for players who sign up through affiliate links. Promo codes and giveaways help affiliates convert more traffic into new signups.

Once the affiliate joins a casino’s program, he’ll get affiliate links, banners, and marketing materials to promote them to their audience. 

As an advertiser or casino owner, knowing these factors play a key role in affiliate’s choice of an affiliate program, it’s in your best interest to make sure you check all these boxes.

Now, let’s look at the top casino affiliate management tools to help you manage your affiliate program like a pro.

Top 10 Casino Affiliate Management Program Vendors

When it comes to managing your casino affiliate program, you have many options. In fact, over a dozen reputable vendors offer robust affiliate management software and services tailored to the gaming industry. 

Here are 10 of the top “players”:


First on our list is Scaleo, a leading affiliate management software designed for the casino industry. Scaleo offers a blend of advanced tracking capabilities and user-friendly interface, making it an excellent choice for online casinos. Its range of features includes real-time analytics, fraud detection, and an intuitive dashboard for easy management of your affiliate campaigns.

partner marketing software for igaming industry

Scaleo provides:

  • A fully integrated iGaming module.
  • Encompassing a variety of commission structures such as Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Lead (CPL), Revenue Share and Hybrid models. 

The platform delivers detailed insights into each player’s actions, covering a wide range of metrics including;

  • total deposits 
  • withdrawals
  • bonuses
  • bets
  • wins
  • Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), and
  • Net Gaming Revenue (NGR).

By leveraging Scaleo’s in-depth reporting capabilities, users can trace the complete journey of their players, from the initial click on an affiliate link through registration and deposit, thereby allowing comprehensive understanding and effective optimization of their affiliate marketing campaigns.

Looking for affiliate marketing software for slots, gambling and other online gaming? Try Scaleo free for 14 days, with instant access to the demo account.


Everflow is another top-tier affiliate management platform. Known for its robust tracking capabilities and detailed analytics, Everflow helps online casinos easily manage affiliates. Its standout features include multi-dimensional analytics, smart link monetization, and comprehensive fraud protection.

Everflow does NOT have an iGaming module, but it can be build custom for a fee.


Reditus is a popular choice among iGaming operators. With its advanced reporting features and real-time tracking, Reditus allows for effective management and optimization of affiliate campaigns. The platform also offers automated payments, ensuring affiliates are compensated promptly for their efforts.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate, formerly known as Commission Junction, is a global affiliate marketing network that has been in the industry for over two decades. It offers an extensive range of tools for advertisers and affiliates alike. The platform’s features include real-time transaction monitoring, advanced reporting, and a flexible commission structure.


Impact is a platform that goes beyond affiliate management. It offers a suite of marketing solutions, including partnership automation and fraud detection, just like Scaleo. Its robust analytics and flexible commission structures make it a go-to choice for many online casinos.

Please note that Impact is not a standalone software solution, but an affiliate network.


PartnerStack is an affiliate marketing platform that focuses on promoting SaaS products. However, its powerful tracking and management capabilities make it a good fit for online casinos as well. Key features include real-time reporting, partner management, and automated payouts.


Refersion is designed to help businesses manage, track, and grow their affiliate network. It offers a range of features including unlimited affiliates, automated commissions, and a customizable affiliate registration form.


UpPromote is a Shopify-based affiliate marketing tool that allows businesses to create and manage affiliate programs. Its features include commission management, multiple campaign creation, and affiliate tracking.


Trackdesk is an affiliate tracking software that offers a range of features including campaign management, fraud detection, and real-time reporting. It also supports multiple currencies and languages, making it a great choice for international online casinos.


Kartra is an all-in-one online business platform that includes a robust affiliate management system. With Kartra, businesses can set up an affiliate program, track affiliate performance, and manage payouts. Its features include detailed analytics, flexible commission structures, and an affiliate marketplace.

Casino Affiliate Management Strategies

Now that we’ve discussed the top vendors, let’s shift our focus to the strategies you can employ to get started in casino affiliate management.

The key to choosing an affiliate management partner is finding one that meets your needs and budget. 

  • Do you want a turnkey solution or more customization? 
  • How much hand-holding do you need? 
  • Are flexible commissions and real-time reporting must-haves? 

The answers to these questions will help determine which vendors should make your shortlist.

With the right strategy and tools in place, launching a successful casino affiliate program can drive major traffic and revenue. But you have to start with a solid foundation, and choosing a reputable gambling affiliate management solution is step one. Evaluate your options carefully and you’ll be well on your way to building a high-performing affiliate program.

Building Your Casino Affiliate Program

Building a successful casino affiliate program requires careful planning and execution. To get started, follow these key steps:

1 – Choose a Network / Vendor

As we have already mentioned, the first step is finding an affiliate network to join or a vendor to power your casino referral program. Some of the top options for casino affiliates include Rakuten, CJ Affiliate by Conversant, and Awin. Top SaaS vendors include Scaleo, TrafficManager and Affilka.

Networks provide access to many casino brands and handle tasks like tracking, reporting, and payments for you, while vendors offer many more features, customization and flexibility.

2 – Recruit High-Quality Affiliates

With a network or vendor selected, start recruiting affiliates to promote your casino brand. Look for affiliates with an established audience interested in online gambling. Provide them with marketing materials like banners, text links, and promotional content to help them refer players. Don’t forget to reach out with a personalized email and ask if they need anything to get started.

Read more strategies on recruiting top affiliates below in the next section.

3 – Offer Competitive Commission Rates

Affiliate commissions are a percentage of a player’s lifetime value that you pay the affiliate for referring that customer. Most casino affiliates earn between 25-45% commission.

You’ll need to offer competitive rates to attract and retain the best affiliates. Do a market research and see how much your top competitors are offering. You need to maintain a good ROI and cannot offer commissions so generous that you lower your profits. However, making sure your offer is not too stingy – is essential.

4 – Track and Optimize Performance

Closely monitor your affiliate program to see which affiliates and promotional methods are most effective. Look at metrics like new player acquisition, lifetime value, and return on investment.

Make changes to improve performance, such as increasing commissions for top affiliates or removing underperforming affiliates. If you use a software like Scaleo to monitor and power your affiliate efforts, you can see all the metrics in one single dashboard and make a data driven decision on each and every campaign.

5 – Pay Affiliates Promptly

Affiliates expect on-time payments for their efforts. Make sure you pay all affiliates accurately and promptly, whether monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. Late or incorrect payments will damage your relationships and reputation.

You can build a high-performing casino affiliate program by following these key steps. 

With an optimized program rewarding your best affiliates well, you’ll gain a valuable marketing channel to reach new players. 

But never forget, the affiliates are an extension of your brand. Maintain strong communication and provide excellent support. Their success is your success!

Recruiting the Right Casino Affiliates

Finding the right casino affiliates is key to building a successful affiliate program. Look for affiliates with an established audience of casino players or gamblers.

Some of the top affiliates to target include:

Casino Content Sites & Blogs

Approach websites, blogs and YouTube channels focused on online casinos, slots, poker or other gaming topics. These affiliates already have an engaged following of players interested in casino games and bonuses and have a great deal of casino content created. Simply offer them a good commission rate to promote your casino.

Forum Members

Seek out influential members on casino and gambling forums. Forums like Casinomeister, AskGamblers and Wizard of Vegas have active communities. Contact high-ranking, frequently posting members and offer them an affiliate deal to recommend and link to your casino.

Social Media Influencers

Connect with social media influencers in the online casino niche. Influencers on platforms like Instagram, Twitch and YouTube can be great affiliates. Look for influencers with at least 10,000 highly-engaged followers. 

Social media influencers will promote your casino through posts, stories, live streams and more. Offer them competitive commission rates, as other casinos will likely also want to partner with them and offer them bonuses.

Email Marketers

Affiliate email marketers have large opt-in email lists of casino players. They can send dedicated email campaigns promoting your casino, bonuses and games to their subscribers. 

Target affiliates with at least 50,000 subscribers to ensure high reach and potential for new player referrals. Provide newsletter copy and creatives for them to include in their emails.

The key is building strong relationships with your affiliates based on trust and mutual benefit. 

Be transparent in your communication, pay commissions on time and take feedback into account. Keep your affiliates happy and they’ll keep referring new players to your casino. You’ll be well on your way to affiliate program success with the right affiliate mix.

Key Strategies for Casino Affiliate Management Success

To succeed as a casino affiliate, focus on the following key strategies:

Build a High-Quality Website

A good affiliate website is the foundation for your success. Make sure your site:

  • Is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Has useful, optimized content like blog posts, reviews, and guides
  • Clearly promotes your affiliate casino offers

Drive Qualified Traffic

Getting traffic to your site is key. Some recommended strategies:

  • Search engine optimization: Optimize your content for search engines like Google to rank higher in search results.
  • Social media marketing: Build a following on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and promote your content and offers there.
  • Email marketing: Start an email list to stay in touch with your readers and promote new content and affiliate offers.
  • Paid advertising: Invest in pay-per-click ads, social media ads, or banner advertising to increase traffic.

Offer Added Value

Provide useful information and tools to keep people coming back to your site:

  • Reviews and comparisons of different casino brands
  • Bonuses and promotions news and updates
  • Gaming guides, tips, and strategies
  • Live streams of casino games on Twitch or YouTube

Analyze and Optimize

Track your traffic and performance to see what’s working and make improvements. Use tools like Google Analytics to monitor:

  • Traffic sources and volumes
  • Bounce rates and time on site
  • Conversion rates of affiliate links
  • Top-performing content and offers

Make data-driven decisions to optimize your affiliate program for the best results. Continuous optimization and improvement will lead to greater success.


So there you have it, everything you need to get started with your own casino affiliate marketing program. 

It may seem like a lot to take in at first, but if you start small, learn as you go, and lean on the expertise of an experienced affiliate management platform, you’ll be up and running in no time. 

Remember, the key is keeping your affiliates happy and motivated. 

Pay them well, offer highest-converting offers, and make their lives as easy as possible. Do that, and you’ll have a team of marketers eagerly promoting your casino to their audiences around the clock. 

Before you know it, you’ll have a steady stream of new players and a thriving affiliate program. The potential is huge if you play your cards right. Now it’s time to start building your affiliate army!

Ready to get started?

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partner marketing software for igaming industry

What is casino affiliate management?

Casino affiliate management involves overseeing and optimizing the relationships between online casinos and their affiliate partners. This includes tracking affiliate performance, managing commissions, providing marketing materials, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

How do I track my casino affiliate performance?

scaleo partner marketing software

You can track your casino affiliate performance through the tracking tools provided by the affiliate software vendor, such as Scaleo marketing software. These tools usually offer insights into clicks, conversions, and commissions earned. Analyzing this data can help you make informed decisions to improve your performance.

What are the key benefits of casino affiliate management services?

Casino affiliate management services can streamline and consolidate affiliate payments, provide marketing support, offer performance tracking tools, and facilitate communication between casinos and affiliates. These services aim to simplify the affiliate partnership process and help both parties maximize their benefits.

Which is the best casino affiliate management strategy in 2024?

The best casino affiliate management strategy for any gambling website is to implement an affiliate program, which will result in a steady stream of revenue, allowing for an optimal ROI because you, as a casino operator, will only be paying for delivered results, without wasting money on dead advertisement. Use Scaleo to track and manage your affiliate campaigns.

Who are iGaming affiliates?

igaming affiliates

iGaming affiliates term refers to the group of people who promote offers from the gambling industry, such as poker, betting, casinos and other similar affiliate offers. These people are referred to as iGaming affiliates, as an umbrella term for all the gambling offers.

How to become an online casino agent?

To become an online casino agent, you first need to find a reputable online casino that offers an affiliate or agent program. Once you find a suitable casino, you’ll typically register for their program and receive unique marketing materials to promote their services. As players sign up and play using your links or codes, you’ll earn a commission on their activity.

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